SEO Tools for Small Business Owners

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SEO Tools for Small Business OwnersSEO Tools are typically SaaS (Software as a Service) platforms that help you gain valuable insight into a great many aspects about your website, the traffic that comes to it, and actionable items that will help boost your site in organic results. There are literally hundreds, if not thousands of tools and services available that will help small business owners such as yourself to dig into data with the goal of saving you time and money. While there are numerous sites that offer free help, many of these free options in reality may not be that effective. We have taken the time to investigate a large portion of the available SEO Tools on the market today. These include:

Keyword Research

Content Development

Link Earning/Building

Analytics Keyword Research

When it comes to search engine marketing, keywords are the catalyst to everything you do. The vast majority of people begin their research online by typing in a query into their preferred search engine and sift through the results to select a website, or go back and refine their query if they don’t see results that they expect. As a search engine marketer, knowing the keywords that people use most often will help you focus your energy on developing content, or creating a PPC ad campaign streamlined with what people are already looking for. With regard to keyword research, I strongly recommend either Traffic Travis or Raven Internet Marketing Tools to help you discover what people are searching for relative to your own products and services.Content Development

Along with knowing what keywords people are searching for, a good search engine marketer will also understand the intent behind those keywords and work to develop website content that speaks to that intent. After all, when a person is met with several click opportunities on a search engine result page, they are only going to click if the listing is relevant to information that they are seeking. Having the right SEO Tools at your fingertips can be the difference between providing laser-focused content on a regular basis to extremely qualified traffic and failing to drive new visitors to your site leading to a complete and lasting disaster. Additionally, getting your webpages indexed favorably by all of the major search engines will help drive more visitors to your site. If you do not have time to write consistently, or are not very good at it, I would suggest using a service like Scribe for your content development.Link Building/Earning

Targeting the right keywords and developing incredible content are only part of the equation when it comes to attracting qualified visitors to your website. You also want other websites providing a constant flow of visitors for those people who do not use search engines to discover new information. By earning links on high value websites, where people are already engaged with content that is relevant to yours, is a surefire way of gaining some incremental visitors and sales. It is also a way for search engines to find and index your site, as well as establish your site as a trustworthy authority on the topics you publish. This is a major part of all search engine algorithms, so you do not want to skip this step.

Not all sites are considered equal. You only want to earn links from sites that have a proven reputation online for being trustworthy, that follow search engine marketing best practices and guidelines, and are well ranked themselves. Stay away from any site that you cannot find when doing a search yourself. Use SEO Tools for link building, such as Traffic Travis to find top quality sites to solicit for a link back to your site.Analytics

Perhaps the most important SEO Tool to have in your arsenal is a great analytics tool. The industry standard is Google Analytics, and is free to use. There are more sophisticated analytics platforms out there. It all depends on your own level of understanding, your specific business needs, and what information you can glean from each platform. is a great analytics platform to keep track of your website’s search marketing efforts and campaigns. No matter when software solution you select, the most important tip I can share is that you absolutely need an analytics solution in place immediately. If you do not have one, get one right now! Otherwise, you are just throwing money away without knowing what parts of your website result in the most, and conversely, the least amount of traffic and sales.To Sum Up..