Mobile Websites are now and will be in the future even more important in our society. The trend is clearly visible. One in five searches are from a Mobile Device, it is expected that mobile searches will overtake desk top search this year 2013.

A mobile friendly version of your website is a must

Yahoo just bought an App from a 17 year old british developer for 30 Mill, that will make reading articles from e-media more mobile friendly.

If you are considering to having a new site built, a mobile friendly version is a must. Mobilesites are very affordable, many companies on the net offer them for free. Really? Nothing is free, so don’t fall for that. You want to do business with a local Company that is accessible to you and knows what they are doing.
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There has been a lot of talk about whether or not mobile websites are necessary. It ends here and now. You bet ya! Now that that’s settled, it’s time to move on to answering the question of WHY they are necessary. Most of the people who are pressured with making the decision to get themselves a mobile website are those who actually depend on the Internet to generate revenues. This doesn’t sound congruent at all as they should be the ones who are first to run after innovations such as this, no questions asked. This post will enlighten you as to why mobile websites may be just exactly what your business needs to give it that missing advantage.

Get a targeted local audience

Because mobile websites are basically accessed using mobile devices, such as smartphones and tablets, it would appear that every person who uses the Internet via this mode has a certain degree of likelihood to come across your site. What’s great about mobile browsing?that very few people are aware of?is its ability to generate location-specific results based on where the Internet determines your position to be. Search engines like Google have a way of ?geo-locating? you, based on the information transmitted through your mobile Internet use.

A better Mobile Experience

People are impatient, specially the younger generations, they hate having to wait. Now this is risky business for the online arena. To long of a wait, for your page to load will result in the outcome of clicking that

[X] button at the top right portion of the browser. So if your website does take too long to load on a computer, just think about how much longer it will take on a mobile device. Having a optimized mobile website saves the day, as it is designed to load faster and allows you to navigate through the page much easier as compared to an unoptimized sites.

Some studies have found out that almost all mobile phone users depend on browsers to surf the net. This enables them to open multiple tabs and load various pages at the same time. Going for a mobile website will only require you to a one time expense for its development without having to consider the different platforms each mobile phone is using.