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That depends. Is this a new website or a re-design? Do you already have an idea of what you want or we starting from scratch. Do you just want a website or a complete marketing plan? We can this – if you’re ready to jump in, so are we!

Either or both. Which do you prefer?

Maybe the better question is, how much will it cost your business if it doesn’t stay current? But you want actual numbers. The average small business invests XYZ, but prices vary depending on the scope of the project.

Web traffic will increase immediately but significant numbers and new business may take six months to a year.
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Google is the Gorilla of Search. They really dominate the search market with about 80% of the Quires done on their Site. The also have written the book about search and what it takes to rank well on their site. If you don’t (The Webmaster)
follow their suggestions, quiet likely your site will not place well. The first listing on Google will get roughly 42% of the clicks, the second about 26%, the third 13% and four through nine will get 1%. The number ten listing will get about 3% of the clicks.
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